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No Traces

No Traces (2023)

  • Đánh giá:
  • Trạng thái: Hoàn thành (Hoàn tất (8/8))
  • Chất lượng: FHD
  • Ngôn ngữ: Vietsub
  • Năm sản xuất: 2023
  • Số tập: 8
  • Thời lượng: 60 phút/tập
  • Thể loại:
  • Quốc gia:
  • Ngày cập nhật: 18-03-2023
  • Lượt xem: 515

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Desi and Cata, gypsy and Mexican, are cleaners. Well they were. They have been kicked out overnight. Overwhelmed and with just enough to spend the month, they await a miracle that comes in the form of a call when they are commissioned to clean the Roselló mansion, one of the most powerful families in Alicante. Everything is going well until they come across the dead body of a woman. Horror. Panic. At police. After the initial shock, Cata and Desi realize that they’ve come clean. No footprints. They are the perfect culprits, and that is why the police are after them. And also some Russian hitmen. And a family of millionaires. And an ex-husband with mariachis. Let’s see how they come out of that ‘fregao’.

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